About Us

How We Bring The Works of Small Artists, Designers, and Brands to More People

Step 1 - Sourcing and Funding

Unlike many retailers who focus on big name brands to sell on their storefront, Niepce focuses on sourcing and the development of small underground brands and individual artists and designers from around the world to provide them an easy way to begin selling. All this is done without the need to spend their time on funding, marketing, manufacturing, or logistics.


Step 2 - Creation

Once we reach an agreement with our partners we proceed to bring the brand or artist's designs into life. Everything including materials used, sizing, color, and prices are worked out so that our partners vision is shown fully through each product.

 (If our partner already has made products we skip this step)


Step 3 - Logistics and Storage

Our company takes care of all logistics from manufacturers or brands to our warehouses in North America. Once arrived we manage all storage and shipping to purchasing customers.

If products do not sell out we take on the cost, in turn reducing the financial risks for our partners. Allowing them to feel more safe in creating and expressing their ideas.


Step 4 - Marketing and Selling

Our team at Niepce are fully in charge of selling the products through our branding, marketing, and platform selling through companies like Amazon and Walmart.

If you are an artist, designer, or small brand lacking the funds to operate and sell their designs please reach out to us through collabs@niepceinc.com for a chance to join the Niepce family!